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Depression Toolkit for parents
Practice Your Own Self-Care

Ask for help if you need it

Healthy Woman

It can be hard caring for yourself when you’re so focused on caring for others.


Friends and family can be a great support system in times like these. It may be difficult to ask for help, but if you need a little break to step back and balance yourself, they will likely understand.


It takes a village to raise children. Your village knows that you will repay them when things get a little easier.


Take time for yourself

As a parent it can be very difficult to take time for yourself. However it’s important to remember that it’s hard to take care of others, when we’re not taking care of ourselves.


Setting time for yourself, to watch a good movie or have a great conversation with a friend, can be a helpful reset.


Adding a bit of self-care can improve your compassion and relationships around you. 


Don’t blame yourself.

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